I have no idea what I'm doing

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Will switch back to Rochejii eventually.

Just to clear up confusion... My name is pronounced Row-Shed-Ee.

Hi, I'm Cappa and I use humor to mask my insecurities.

I am...
Irritable Lazy Artsy Fartsy Asian-ish

If that name doesn't sound familiar, my other screen-names are Rochejii, and Empoleon07. I am a 12 year old trapped in a 21 year old body.

I like things like, Robots, Dinosaurs, Boys, Pokemon, Cartoons, Neopets, Animal Crackers, Dogs, Drawing, and various sweets.

I do not like Most Vegetables, Fish, Deep Water, Sharks, Bugs, Spiders, The Dentist, Geese, and Mice.

My skill sets include being able to whistle pretty okay, crying, and being overbearing towards my friends to the point where I don't realize it's not funny anymore.

I enjoy drawing, and always have ever since I was little. as long as I have a pencil and some paper I will be happy for hours. I love drawing human versions of non-human characters. I like drawing Pokemon, and Comics, and Muscly Beefcake Dudes.

I enjoy a verity of TV shows, mostly animated. Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, are just some examples.

Favorite games include anything with the word Pokemon in it, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, The Phoenix Wright series, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and the Thousand year door, and The Sims 3.

My favorite type of music is almost all top 40's pop music.
I love bands and singers such as Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, MIKA, Fun, Karmin, Luke Bryan, Train, The Script, Nicki Minaj, Hunter Hayes, Of Monsters and Men, and Natasha Bedingfield.

I love reblogging and I can waste literally hours staring at Tumblr. I have trouble spelling the word Dissappear Dissapear Disappear. In my spare time I enjoy looking at cat videos online, dodging responsibilities, and crying of nothing. I'm grumpy and cynical from about 7am to 8pm, and then after that i get really emotional for no apparent reason. I am predominately tired, and fairly sure I am narcoleptic.

I dislike children but they seem to gravitate towards me. I'm pretty sure I dislike them because Im just jealous because they get to be ten years old and I have to stay an adult.

Even though I pretend to be a tough cynical tough ass online I'm actually really sensitive and easily scared. If you pick a fight with me I'll probably just start crying and be too hysterical to do anything.

Now that you know my life story I hope you enjoy my shitty blog and smart ass comments.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
You should buy some poop-stain briefs. uwu
cross-fiction cross-fiction Said:

Honey I don’t need to BUY those.



groot is probs assumed to be male but tbh i figure groot is a lil genderless being. who needs the gender binary when you’re a celestial tree creature. riddle me that.

"Are you a boy, or a girl?"
"I am Groot."

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This started with me just wanting to make a cute pixel Saria…
Large, “badge”-less version


This started with me just wanting to make a cute pixel Saria…

Large, “badge”-less version

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Hi there kids!  Chica’s here to give you some tips on living a healthy lifestyle!

I wanted to do this, and after seeing everyone else was doing it I decided that today was the day.

Chica - Me

Editing and effects - lm-g1

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Ahoy mateys! Come visit ‘ol Captain Foxy down in Pirates Cove!

my good friend Jenna did Chica, so I decided to try my hand at this character

Voice by Me

Mixing and editing by Jenna

reblogging again for pirate-cove-foxy

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This is my absolute favorite voice for Bonnie and nobody can convince me otherwise 

(found on Facepunch forums, originally from /vg/ - not my recording)

I’m scared

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
We need a better mantis pokemon than scyther.
cross-fiction cross-fiction Said:


i AGREE actually one of my absolute favorite fakemon is scalibur, a fairy/bug evolution for scyther thats based on the orchid mantis


the design is by mackaroon and its one of the best things ive seen honestly LOOK at that Cool Bug. petition for more Cool Bugs like this one